In harmony with the nature of retreats, each cabin is outfitted simply. All cabins have a single bed, a compact kitchen, an area for meditation practice with a shrine, and a sitting area with a small table and chair. All dishes, cooking utensils, pots and pans are provided, as is blue ice for the picnic-style cooler used for cold food storage. The cabins are equipped with a propane cook stove and solar powered lights. There is no electricity in the cabins but the central shower house has electricity for recharging electronic devices. An individual water hydrant with mountain spring water and an outhouse are near each cabin. The shrine area has a shrine box with a cloth backdrop, offering bowls, an incense burner and votive candle holders. Each cabin has meditation cushions and a practice table. The cabins have wood burning stoves for heat. A small porch on each cabin adds a comfortable place to sit outside. Water, split firewood, and propane are provided for each cabin. Retreatants supply their own food which they prepare in their cabin.

A central shower house with a refrigerator and freezer are a short walk from the cabins. Here retreatants can take showers according to a pre-arranged schedule and retrieve cold food items. There is a washing machine in the shower house and a bulletin board for exchanging notes with the directors. The directors live onsite in a centrally located house and are available for whatever needs arise.

Although each cabin has its unique features and charm, Rigdzin cabin has a solar powered electric refrigerator and a fenced yard and pet door to allow retreatants to bring a dog. This cabin is also large enough to accommodate a couple. Dragon cabin has a propane heater and propane lights.

Photo tour of the retreat cabins at DKD