What is the purpose of a solitary retreat:  Solitary retreat gives you the opportunity to settle into meditation practice and contemplation free from the distractions of daily life, and in doing so, deepen your experience of progress on the path.

What do people do on solitary retreats:  The schedule you follow on retreat will be determined by your teacher or meditation advisor. Generally, one does six to eight or more hours of meditation and study over three or four sessions a day, leaving time for meals, exercise, bathing, rest, and sleep.

On retreat you do not speak to anyone else, except a meditation instructor if desired. You must not leave the premises during your retreat. If supplies are needed, you can arrange that with the staff.

Who is qualified to do a solitary retreat?
Since solitary retreat is not an entry-level endeavor, we require that applicants complete a group meditation retreat of at least one week, maintain a regular meditation practice for at least one year, and have a strong personal connection with a spiritual teacher or community.

Recommendation of a spiritual teacher or meditation advisor is required for those embarking on their first solitary retreat. The Directors screen all applicants for retreat to ensure they have the proper credentials for a solitary retreat. No alcohol or drugs allowed.

What is the length of a solitary retreat?
The minimum retreat length is four nights, although a minimum of one week is recommended. Extended retreats of up to six months are possible for qualified practitioners.

What kind of support is available for solitary retreats:  As senior practitioners, the Resident Directors can provide support in the form of meditation advice and are available for emergencies. For retreats longer than two weeks, they will shop for food and supplies. For closed retreats, they will deliver supplies to a designated drop-off spot near your cabin three times a week.


Call or email us for the current list of retreat openings. We recommend making retreat reservations at least two months in advance and longer for school holidays.


Retreat Cabins per Night
$ 55     Four nights (minimum) to five nights
$ 45     More than five nights
$ 60     Rigdzin cabin ($75 for a couple)

Full-time students receive $5 per night discount. Payment plans available.

Retreats up to one week in length or starting within one month must be paid in full when making your reservation. All other retreats require a 50% deposit when making your reservation. Your reservation is not final until this payment is received. The remainder is due one month prior to your retreat.

Preferred form of payment is by check as this incurs no banking fees to DKD. Otherwise, call us with credit card information or (click here) to use the DKD PayPal account (you do not need a PayPal account to use this).

Shuttle Rates
$175    Round trip shuttle service from Colorado Springs Airport to DKD
$100   Round trip shuttle service from Pueblo Airport or Trinidad to DKD

Miscellaneous Rates
$10      Shrine kit rental. Kits are available for mandala offering, Werma, Vajrayogini, Chakrasamvara, or Vajrakilaya practices.

Cancellation / Change Policy
$75 of your deposit is non-refundable. The remainder of the deposit is refundable if you cancel the reservation more than two months before your retreat. If a cancellation is requested between one and two months, the amount of the deposit less $75 can be used as credit at DKD within one year. If the reservation is canceled less than one month before the retreat is scheduled to begin, the entire amount is forfeited.

If it is less than one month before your retreat and you reschedule to a later date, the cancellation fee of $75 will be applied. If you shorten your retreat less than a month before it begins, the fee for those days is forfeited.

We have this policy because it supports keeping your retreat costs low and allows DKD to remain solvent. When retreatants cancel or reschedule close to their retreat, most times we are not able to refill the cabin and loose that revenue.


Driving: DKD is a 3.5 hour drive south of Denver, CO. Plan to arrive no later than 3:00 pm on the first day of your retreat and leave by noon on the last day. When you make your reservation, we will send you a detailed travel map.The last nine miles of the drive are on dirt roads. Snow tires are recommended in Winter. 

Please call or email one day ahead for the local weather report and local road conditions in all seasons. Sometimes we may require you arrive a day later. 

Air travel: Most people fly into Colorado Springs Airport,  Please plan to arrive at the airport no later than 1:30 pm and depart no earlier than noon.We will pick you up at the Colorado Springs Airport and take you food shopping. See the Rates section for shuttle cost.

There are a few daily flights from Denver International Airport to the Pueblo airport. We will pick you up at the Pueblo Airport and take you food shopping. See the Rates section for shuttle cost.

If you prefer to fly to Denver International Airport, you will need to rent a car. You may also take a taxi to the downtown Denver bus station and take the bus to Pueblo. If you take the bus you have to spend the night in Denver as the bus departs the downtown Denver station at 7:25 am and arrives in Pueblo at 10:00 am.

Bus: Greyhound Bus line leaves from the downtown Denver bus station. The bus schedule is limited so please check with us before making any travel arrangements.

Train: Amtrak stops in Denver and Trinidad CO. Denver Amtrak connects by bus to Pueblo, CO. We can pick you up at the Pueblo bus station or the Trinidad train station. Please check the schedule with Amtrak. See the Rates section for shuttle cost.

Do not make any travel plans without first talking to the Directors to make sure we can pick you up and take you back on the days you request. We can stop at a supermarket so you can buy food. If you have to arrive late, you will have to arrange overnight accommodations. No travel dates: Tibetan New Year (Losar), Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve or Day, and April 4.   


Because of the quiet atmosphere necessary for retreats, we do not host tours of the property nor do we have overnight guest facilities or camping areas.  Please see the Cabin Tour section of this site for a photographic tour of cabins and other facilities.  


Sheila Cataford and Dan Benson, Resident Directors
P.O. Box 131, Gardner, CO 81040  USA
[email protected]